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Actiview App Accessibility Offerings

Amplified Audio

Increased volume for people who are Hard of Hearing

Audio Description

A description of the visuals for people who are Blind / Low Vision

Audio Dubs

An audible translation of the movie dialogue for people who speak a Foreign Language

Closed Captioning

Subtitles of the dialogue and key sounds for people who are Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Sign Language

Video interpretation of the dialogue, great for children who are Deaf


Written translations of the movie dialogue for people who speak a Foreign Language

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A smiling young woman who is very Low Vision and wears glasses.

Blind / Low Vision

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A smiling little boy who is Hard of Hearing wears a hearing aid and glasses.

Deaf / Hard of Hearing

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A smiling middle-aged woman who speaks Spanish.

Foreign Language Speakers

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Featured Films

Incredibles 2


Ant-Man and The Wasp




Pick of the Litter


Why Users Love Actiview


Hard of Hearing Activiewer

I was blown away by all the options Actiview has for accessibility - from audio descriptions for the blind to captions to ASL interpreting, there’s an option for pretty much everything you could possibly need. It’s incredible; the app of the future.


Deaf Activiewer

“I was delighted when I heard about the Actiview app. I always have my iPhone on me, and I just have to open the App, call up the movie in question, and enjoy the show while I munch on a large bag of popcorn and a Coke!”


Blind Activiewer

"Thanks for such a great and wonderful app. I love movies and I’m so glad a company is finally coming up with a solution for our smartphones to access it. This is a much better solution than the equipment in theaters that might or might not work."

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